No surprises.

Projects are the means to execute transformations in complex environments. We act with the following guiding principles:

"cut complexity > execute projects > master transformation“

1. Cut complexity: when solving complex issues we comprehensively assess strategy, structures, people and technologies - and then strive for maximum simplicity of our solution design.

2. Execute projects: we use experienced programme management specialists, who combine proven methods and take a firm grip over the

entire production chain. Thus, they assure execution with "no surprises".

3. Master transformation: we manage transformation through comprehensive assessment, maximum simplicity of solution design, and execution management with "no surprises".

This approach builds on the 5 core strands of the Ayudantes DNA:

1. We collaborate with the client. Only our common know-how leads to success.

2. We promise only what we can deliver. And what we promise, we deliver.

3. We know what we do, why we do it and are able to explain it.

4. Ayudantes' results are always team achievements. The combined ability of a team is always greater than the sum of its parts.

5. We are amiable, honest, and forthright in our communication. This may not always be comfortable - but it is always successful.


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