I am Stefan Derichs...

...father of two daughters, passionate outdoorsman, avid traveler and founder of Ayudantes.

I am known to be direct and decisive, keen to tackle and solve complex problems, and able to articulate solutions in straightforward terms. Prior to founding Ayudantes in 2006, I studied engineering in Aachen (RWTH) and spent a number of years working internationally with the strategy practice of a global management consultancy. As an architect and founder of businesses, I understand how crucial it is to have a comprehensive

perspective of organisational change. It is vital to understand strategy, processes and structures at a deep organic level, and to be able to address relational interdependencies within the complex dynamics of transformation environments. Away from work I enjoy being outdoors; whether it is engaging in sport, going on three week-long hikes, working my garden, or just sitting by an open fire at night.

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